Jewelry Care

Polymer Clay Info: 

Most of my jewelry is at least partly created using a brand of super strong, durable polymer clay. Polymer clay, when used correctly, forms to be a plastic material after curing. Many people are afraid that their piece will break apart easily but that's actually quite difficult to do. Some of the more delicate pieces (for instance, those with little mushrooms and leaves sticking out) might only break if they're slammed on the concrete or thrown in a bag and forgotten about. With proper care, your new wearable art should last forever! 

What should you do if a piece breaks off?

Let me know if something happens and I'll fix it for free! 


Store these pieces like you would store any other special piece of jewelry. I like to have them hanging on my wall when I'm not wearing them because it adds extra decor to my house!

As mentioned above, polymer clay is a plastic material so you can get it wet. As long as it isn't being constantly soaked in water, it'll be fine. 

Other components: 

I note in each listing which metals and other materials I used in the particular piece. Most of the time, I use brass for the metal bits. All metals I use are lead and nickel free.

Custom orders and customization:

If you have something special in mind, feel free to ask me if I can create it for you! I prefer not doing custom orders, however, if it's something that sparks my interest then I would love to do it for you. 

If you'd like a different chain length or want to switch the chain for a faux leather cord (or vice versa), or any other request along those lines, all you need to do is ask me and I can definitely take care of that for you. 

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